Writing Articles – From Zero to $5000 a Month

Want to start an article writing business? My friend Steffi went from making zero to making $5000 a month in just six months. Discover the three steps she took to success.

When my friend Stephanie asked me how to make money online, I laughed. Steffi could barely turn on her computer. Nevertheless I said, “It’s easy, just write articles.”

I forgot about it. However, that same day Steffi sent me an email message asking how she could start writing articles. Since it seemed that Steffi was serious, I mapped out a program for Steffi to follow.

It was a simple program, and just took three steps. Imagine my shock when just a few weeks later Steffi called me to say that she was making roughly $50 a day from writing articles, and from article marketing.

Steffi’s income slowly climbed, and six months later, she was making $5000 a month. She was thrilled, and said: “It all started with your program — I’m still following it.”

So, since the program works for Steffi and my other writing students, here it is in a nutshell.

Steffi’s Simple Article Writing Program

1. Sell Your Article Writing Services

Everyone wants articles online, and a big benefit of selling your article writing services isn’t that you make money — although you will — it’s that you get practicing writing articles. As you write, and get paid, you’ll get faster at researching and writing.

2. Use Your Articles to Promote Affiliate Products

Once you’re proficient at keyword reddit essay writing service research and at writing articles it’s time to put your newfound skills to work. Choose one affiliate product, and write articles promoting the product. Make sure that your articles are packed with information.

For best results, choose high-priced products. It’s just as easy to write an article promoting a $100 product as it is to write articles promoting a $20 product.

3. Keep Selling Your Writing Services and Promoting Affiliate Products

Over time you will build up a stable of clients who buy your articles. Keep those clients. They’re the bedrock of your business

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