WoW Hunter Pets

Hunters are my favorite class to play in WoW, mainly because of the Hunter pets. Nothing is greater than having a permanent party member to play the game with. Playing the game with a pet makes a world of difference. You have someone to pull for you…your own tank. You have someone to guard you while you mine for ore or pick an herb. WoW Hunter pets are great for the game and in my opinion make the Hunter class the best class to play.

There are many different pets to choose from, they each have their own abilities and purposes. My favorite pet is currently a gorilla. I like the gorilla’s AOE lighting effect because if I’m being attacked by multiple mobs the attack will focus all aggro on my pet. This can be a lifesaver when I’m questing alone. This is probably the first pet I’ve tamed solely because of their skills. Normally I go after pets with unique looks. I remember when I first started playing the game, I didn’t know the zones very well and I spent like 2 hours searching for the infamous Ghostsaber.

If you haven’t seen the Ghostsaber I suggest you go see one in game because pictures online do not do this pet justice. Also with the release of patch 3.0 Hunters can now tame exotic pets. This was very awesome for me, because I always wanted a Chimera. The downside to this is that we have to be spec’d for full BM. I didn’t like this because I had to mess up my raiding build, but oh well the pets are very nice…especially the Core Hounds. Once I get my gorilla caught up to the level of my Hunter I’ll probably get a Core Hound just for looks.

Something that I’ve always wanted to tame but never did was a bear, I heard that bears make great tanks and when you are soloing a tank pet would be great. For leveling I have always used a cat, I leveled from like 20-70 with a cat as a pet. It wasn’t the Ghostsaber though; just some random barrens cat if I remember. I eventually caught a Ravager in Outlands that I used for PVP, Ravagers have a nice attack were they run towards their enemy and knock them down. This is awesome for PVP and great for PVE as well. I really wish that Blizzard would make the Hunter pets work like the mounts or companion pets so we could have as many as we wanted. It would great to have more of the exotic pets and be able to stop finding a stable master every time we needed to get a different pet. Hunters we need to suggest this to Blizzard!


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