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Always Something to Discover in West Chester

I live in Monroe, Ohio with my office in West Chester just ten minutes away, I get to enjoy and relish a lot of great places and  roofers west monroe la love the area (it has great access to Interstate 75 and other major transportation routes). I meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends in my real estate practice and what strikes me is with every new person I meet and get to know, someone shares a little something about the area I didn’t know. It used to surprise me but realized quite some time ago, it’s an incredibly diverse area rich with big ticket items, “hole in the wall” secrets with hidden gems, “mom and pop” places to eat, shop or browse all the way to fine dining with domestic to international fare. West Chester real estate isn’t the only desirable quality, look into the community and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

One fun recent discovery a client turned me onto is “Paint by the Glass”, an outrageously creative concept mixing art lessons with wine and paint. You’ll be asked;” Can you sip from a wine glass while holding a paint brush?” These engaging, entertaining and social classes offered with great wines are amusing and lively no matter what current experience with painting, and thoughtfully designed for aspiring artists with no prior experience. The experience is always new with great “replay” value. Each class, a local professional artist personally demonstrates up close, step by step, how to paint your very own unique and abstract creation of art on a pre-sketched canvas. You get to take your art home, frame it, hang it and love it because you made it. What fun and a great way to socialize as well.

Another example of unique and exclusive fun in West Chester is “The Learning Kitchen” and a fantastic opportunity for those wanting personal cooking lessons that love food and socializing. Near Towne Center in West Chester, enthusiasts can sign up for numerous cooking classes online. A variety of highly skilled local chefs with various backgrounds, students are provided with their own personal cooking station with state-of-the-art induction cooking with CIA cookware and can take home their culinary creations and what they learn.

One other example I’d like to share is EnterTRAINment Junction, an amazing place with the largest indoor railroad theme park in the world. Big and little kids alike adore this wondrous entertainment facility. Richly detailed country and city settings with working train models representing all of railroad’s history will keep you learning and impressed with the details and facts. Only the beginning, there’s more colorful and simple fun to be had at this facility. Imagination Junction provides fun equipment and hours of safe, physical interactive play. Shoot Extreme is a fun way blow off some steam and have some fun as an indoor firing range featuring zombies, and for more spooky fun try Monster Mini Golf, and was voted best mini-golf around by Cincinnati Magazine.

These three notable mentions, of course, are not even a drop in the bucket representing all there is to enjoy and partake of around West Chester. If you’re thinking of relocation to SW Ohio, this amazing city enjoys excellent strategic location with tremendous access to everything, has a thriving real estate market and bright economic outlook. I’ve lived in the area for quite some time now, and will freely brag with confidence it’s a great place to live, work and call home.


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