The Miraculous Lives in your Consciousness of Righteousness

You have heard the stories; you’ve seen the tv shows and Youtube videos of miracles still taking place today. You have no doubt witnessed the blind man see and the cripple woman in the wheel chair jump up and walk. How about a man who instantaneously grew a new ear drum after being deaf in that ear for 54 years? Or a woman whose muscular sclerosis suddenly vanished or a woman healed of asthma after more than 50 years? Do you believe such things still happen today?

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If you do, then it  solar panel kits  is very likely that your belief in the miraculous comes with a side of self-doubt. That is, you may believe that it is possible for that television preacher to lay hands on the sick and they recover, or for that famous faith healer with the gigantic church to perform the supernatural on a weekly basis. However, your belief, of course, stops short at you.

In the groundbreaking book, “The Consciousness of Righteousness: How to Release God’s Power Within You! ” the author explains that the power of God and the supernatural touch of our Lord Jesus Christ is in all of us that have been saved. Once born again, you are the likeness of Him; you can do what Jesus did while He walked the earth, and even greater things than He did. The Bible makes that clear in John 14: 12.

It does not depend on your own self-confidence and it is not about you having or not having enough faith. The supernatural lies within your own consciousness. It is not about your faith to believe in a particular situation; it is about your existing, walking and living in the continuous consciousness of God’s righteousness.

Salvation involves much more than just the forgiveness of your sins. Jesus changed places with you; not only taking your sinfulness, but He gave you His righteousness! However, most of us only think about and concentrate on the sin side of the equation in that Jesus forgave our sins, and therefore we need to avoid sin. This “sin consciousness” is the problem. Instead of a sin consciousness, we need to focus on and come to actualize the consciousness of righteousness.

The above miracles, by the way, are true. Mark lost his left eardrum when he was six years old. The ear drum reappeared while at a small Bible study meeting.

Linda suffered from severe asthma since birth, until she came to a small Bible study class. Now for the first time in 52 years, and to the astonishment of her doctors, Linda tossed away the medications and breathing machines.

These miraculous occurrences and many more, did not take place at some mega-church or multi-million dollar television broadcast, but at a small Bible study session in the author’s home.

Joseph Edhuime of Joseph Edhuine Ministries is author of the groundbreaking book, “The Consciousness of Righteousness: How to Release God’s Power Within You! ” Get a copy at [] or wherever quality books are sold.

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