Starting a Resume Writing Service – Questions to Ask Your Client Before You Begin to Write

Looking for a niche idea for your virtual business?

If you have experience hiring others, or know what employers are looking for, and are able to create attractive, easy-to-read documents, you might want to consider offering a resume writing service.

Here are some of the questions I ask my clients to help me write a resume that will help them land their perfect job. Feel free to use these questions, or change them for your own needs.

1. Personal Information

Ask the client for his or her First Name, Last Name, and Email.
Does he want his email address on his resume?

You’ll also need Telephone, Street Address, City, Province / State, Postal Code / Zip Code.

Ask the client what her career objective is. What type of jobs will she be applying for? What is her ideal position?

2. Education

Beginning with the most recent school or training program your client attended, get the following information: Name of schools or programs, cities, province/state, years attended, awards received, were honors received.

3. Miscellaneous

Here you need to ask your client about his computer skills, licenses, volunteer activities, awards, other interests.

4. Work Experience

Finally, you’ll need to interview your client about her work experience. Beginning with the client’s most recent job, document the following information for each of your client’s employers:

  • Employer Name


  • Type of Company


  • City


  • State/Country


  • Date Started


  • Date Ended


  • If you supervised, number of people you supervised


  • Job Title


  • Tell us about your best essay writing service reddit employer (including size of company, number of employees, list of products/ services and its place in the marketplace.


  • Where/ how do you fit into the company?


  • Day-to-day responsibilities


  • Special achievements – what did you accomplish while you were in this position?


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