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We recently bought a GPS from and were so satisfied with our experience that we decided to make a second purchase by offering a brand new car radio to our father for his birthday. We would like to give our opinion on


A new purchase, a new satisfaction at

We recently made a purchase at player gt and were completely satisfied with our experience. That’s why we decided to make a second purchase by choosing a car radio for our father for his birthday. 

The site is well organized and the items are easy to find using the vehicle make and model. We chose a touch screen car radio that seemed to have all the features our father needed, even though he had never used a GPS before. The prices are comparable to other similar websites, but we got free shipping and a fifty euro discount on the site. 

We also appreciated the possibility to return the item within 30 days if it was not suitable. We also felt reassured to know that we could get a refund if our father did not like the GPS navigation.

Before finalizing our order, we wanted to know more about the ease of use of the car radio. We contacted’s customer service and got a quick response, which gave us more information than we had asked for. We also learned that the Android TV interface has been updated, as well as other Android gadgets. Review: Shipped on time

 We were able to ship the radio to our address so that we could install it ourselves, and we have to say that we were surprised by the speed with which it was delivered. Given the current circumstances, it is important to note that the free delivery took only four days.

We were delighted to discover that the item had been carefully packaged and was in excellent condition when we received it. We were so surprised by its quality that we almost wanted to keep it for ourselves.

A week after our father’s birthday, he gave us a positive review of his brand new car radio. We think our dad passed the test because of the car’s GPS radio. It seems to be very user friendly and offers many customization options. Our father is very pleased with the accuracy and sound quality of the GPS.

He was still using paper maps for navigation, but we think he has discovered a new way to drive. He uses this device to explore, listen to music and call us in case of an emergency.

His rear view camera makes it easier for him to get dressed and back up. We can see that the feedback from will be positive, and even seniors and students will have no trouble approaching such an embellishment.

It followed the installation instructions to the letter. It did not take more than thirty minutes and did not address any particular difficulties. You can use the Internet on your car radio because you can share the Internet connection of your smartphone or tablet with other devices. He followed the installation instructions to the letter. He didn’t mention any particular difficulties and it didn’t take him more than thirty minutes.


In summary

The test is an outstanding site that offers top quality products with fast and free delivery. We can’t ask for anything more. We highly recommend this site and plan to make another purchase soon, perhaps a car radio similar to the one we gave to our father.

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