iPhone 5 Release and Features – New Rumors Begin to Circulate

Despite the much talked about iPhone 5 release on October 4th, Apple announced the launch of its 4S smart phone. Everyone started asking what happened and why things turned out that way. After plausible explanations became available, rumors for the release and features of Apple’s 5th generation smart phone were fueled up once again. Even though speculations are not as abundant as before, there is plenty of information available. Tech New Master

Generally, it is nearly 100 per cent certain that the development of iPhone 5 is well under way. In fact, some sources claim that both this smart phone and the 4S model were being developed simultaneously and that their subsequent launch was masterfully planned. The question is when we can expect the next generation smart phone of Apple. Based on these speculations, experts suggest that the launch of the 5th generation device will be around the middle of 2012 or shortly before the end of the year at the latest.

The speculations that iPhone 5 will be introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Event (WWDC) are growing. If these are right, we can expect to see the new smart phone and to have greater certainty about its features by the end of June 2012. When it comes to the market launch of the product, it is most likely going to be in the fall to satisfy the demand for high-tech gadgets during the 2012 holiday season.

How about the features of iPhone 5? Before the release of the 4S device, people thought that almost everything in Apple’s 5th generation smart phone will be brand new. Now we know that it will most certainly work with the recently released iOS 5 software and iCloud technology, so you can expect it to have more or less the same features. Similarly, it will have Siri and HDMI high-definition video output just like the 4S device perhaps with some improvements.

One of the big novelties of iPhone 5 is expected to be a quad-core processor. There are even speculations about its name. It is expected to be called Apple A6. The quad-core processor will make the next generation smart phone extremely powerful allowing for improved usability of all its apps and features.

The 5 generation smartphone of Apple is expected to have a completely new design. The device is expected to be ultra thin and to have a teardrop shape. The screen will most likely be larger. It may have improved touch controls as well.


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