Food Service Management

Effective food service management places customer satisfaction as a top priority. Each of the members of the management team has a task to perform. Any flaws in carrying tasks result in a domino effect that will automatically put the food service institution in hot restuarants near me water.

In every restaurant, fast food outlet, cafeteria, and any other type of institution that offers food service, there is a management team. This team is basically comprised of the general manager, an assistant to the manager and the executive chef.

Responsibilities of the Management Team

The general manager is responsible for monitoring the overall flow of the operation. The manager looks at every minute detail concerning the food service rendered, the employees’ performance, as well as the financial aspects of the business.

The assistant manager is tasked to go over everything from the kitchen, dining, utility and security operations. The assistant manager reports the progress of the operation to the general manager.

The executive chef handles all food preparation actions. This involves the operations in the kitchen, planning of the daily menus and the maintenance of effective food service management.

Qualities of a Good Food Service Manager

A food service manager is punctual and is the first to arrive and the last one to leave.

A food service manager must be able do handle multi-tasking activities. The manager sees to it that every thing is in order from the kitchen, the banquet area, up to the food, utensils and linen supplies and assists the executive chef in planning out menus.

A food service manager has to communicate effectively and handle clients and operational negotiations. It is a must that a manager is endowed with diverse communication skills in dealing with customers, as well as the employees.

A manager has to be firm and just with decisions. Managers confer with applicants, hire and train employees and when needed, fire them.

Apart from the traditional duties heaped upon a food service manager, keeping of records, tallying cash and administering promotional advertisements for the restaurant are additional duties.

The food service industry is escalating in popularity. Many individuals dine out. Be it a fine-dining experience, fast food or banquet services, customers demand good food, service and prices.

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