Economy Got You Down? 5 Easy Ideas to Make Money Online and Offline You Can Start Now

During these troubled economic times people are losing their jobs, struggling to make monthly payments and getting into more and more credit card debt. Most people need a few ideas to make money whether it be online or offline, it just needs to be reliable and hassle free and most of all, fast. I want to share with you a few ideas to make money that have served me well over the years in tough times and in good times, some of these you may even turn into a robust income.

· Freelance Writing– If you have some writing skills, whether it be articles, press releases or blog posts, you have an in-demand skill in good markets and bad. Luckily, the internet provides many portals that you can offer your writing services to a host of people eager to pay you for your skill. You can post your services on sites like, and and get paid as soon as you finish the project. There are almost no problems with payment with these sites, they are very professional and have a proven model for sending and receiving payments.

· Plant Maintenance– People often need help taking care of plants when they are away on vacation or many office complexes hire this service out frequently. You can collect a few clients and take care of their plants in your spare time according to your schedule. This is an excellent idea to make money for word of mouth referrals and doesn’t involve a lot of work and maintenance.

· Delivering Flyers- A lot of businesses are looking to cut down on their advertising costs but still get quality advertising in the hands of their customers. This is a service you can offer them which will be economical to them compared to their normal advertising and will also allow you to make some extra money in the process. You can even design a flyer for them on your computer and charge a fee for this service as well. Some people make a full time income doing this once their customer base is larger.

· Tutoring- If you have a college reddit essay writing service degree or are working toward one you can offer to help local students with their studies based on your schedule. There are many students looking for help in certain subjects and if you are good in these subjects, this may be a great fit for you. Charge a reasonable fee and do a good job and you will get many word of mouth referrals. Later you can show your new customers the track record of your current students.

· Network Marketing- This is an increasingly popular way that some people are using to make extra money and building a full time income. There are literally thousands of companies which use this form of marketing with great success. Make sure the company has a great product that has mass appeal and a solid marketing plan in place. It may take a little while to build a great income, but it is probably the easiest path to making big money in today’s economy.


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